Ojeda's Website

This is my website for computer science 1. We
are learning C#. C# is for making windows apps. This
is my first year in programming. Some day i want to go to college and learn business. To download C# go this website https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/

GoodBye Program


This project translates the word goodbye in four differnt languages.

Help Page


This project is a help page where you use buttons to guide you through a webpage.

Mailing Label


This project is a mailing lable allows you to use text boxes to put information into a label.

Car Rental


This project takes information and outputs the calculations onto a page.



This project takes the weight and hight and gives the BMI.

Car Rental 2


This project outputs calculations onto a page, it also takes information and puts it togther, and uses radio buttons to display pictures on a form.

Test Scores


This project calculates the better score from 2 scores,calculates the letter grade and ouputs which scores is higher and the average of the two scores.

Dice Program


This project outputs number stats of rolls on dice.

Craps Game


This project outputs number stats of rolls on dice and it also outputs points for the craps game.

Slot Machine


This project randomly projects 5 differnt photos into 3 slots and it also uses radio buttons to make bets.

Shirt Sales


This project takes everything from all past projects and puts the things we learned into this one project.

Football project


This project shows the use of menu strips and combo boxes through showing the stats of football bowls and showing of information on universities.

Fish 1


This project uses the timer tool with differnt picture boxes to make a go in random directions.